20 minutes of devastating snow smashes into Midsomer Norton

Norton was in chaos Thursday after snow fell for a staggering 20 minutes.

Reports have claimed that an overwhelming 0.2cm of snow fell from the sky, covering almost every surface. Except concrete, asphalt, roofing and most grass.

“We knew it was going to get rough” said local resident Iain Peacock, “…but you never expect anything like this. At one point it got so bad I considered putting the heating on half hour earlier than usual.”

“But I just made a tea and watched Pointless on iPlayer instead.”

Buses will be suspended for at least a week, reports claim, as the council struggles to get a handle on the situation.

“I’m quite sure the number of snowflakes that landed in my garden was well in the double figures” said local office worker Jerome Bustyfield.

“So obviously work this week is now completely out of the question.”

“I think I’ll stay here and watch these Loose Women ladies that everyone keeps going on about.”

Town council officials have told us to expect Midsomer Norton to be basically entirely closed for the foreseeable future. “Wetherspoons will be open for business though, so you all may as well go there and get pissed on 59p a pint, or whatever it is these days.”

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